Zirconia Type Gas Oxygen Analyzers (O2 Meters)


Transmitter Model TF-10

Transmitter Model TF-10

Receiver Model DTF-101

Receiver Model DTF-101

  • No need of standard gas or reference air (Air 1-point calibration enabled)
  • High maintainability (Compact, light-weight, equipped with automatic calibration function)


Monitoring and control of the following combustion and atmosphere:

Combustion exhaust gas from boilers
General medium- and small- sized boilers, black liquid recovery boilers
Combustion exhaust gas from incinerators
Refuse and sludge incinerator cooling tower outlets (Dedicated model TF-IV is available for furnace outlet high-temperature part)
Combustion exhaust gas from other combustion furnaces


Model TF-10
Measurement range 0 – 5/10/25%
Output 4 – 20mADC
Calibration Air 1-point automatic calibration
Other functions One-push manual calibration, first-order lag operation, output hold, O2 UL/LL alarm, self-diagnosis, sensor status monitoring, remote range changeover, remote calibration, sensor purge in case of error
Utility Power voltage 100VAC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 40VA (100VA at calibration)
Transmitter mounting Mounting flange JIS 5K65A (For others, consult with us.)
Probe insertion depth 0.5 / 1.0 / 1.5 m
Calibration unit Built-in air pump for calibration
Built-in solenoid valve for automatic calibration and purge

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