Light Scattering Type Dust Concentration Meters (Dust Concentration Meters)




  • Equipped with the range of 0 – 10mg/m3N
  • Equipped with automatic zero-point calibration and purge functions


Continuous monitoring of dust concentration

[ Main applications ]
  • Boiler stack inlets
  • Refuse and sludge incinerator stack inlets
  • Refuse incinerator bag filters and electrostatic precipitator outlets
  • Various incinerator outlets


Model ISS-101
Measurement range 0 – 10/25/100mg/m3N
Output signal 4 – 20mA (insulation type output)
Reproducibility precision ±2%FS
Arithmetic function Moving average, automatic zero-point calibration,
first-order lag operation, O2 concentration corrective conversion,
automatic purge, output hold
Self-diagnosis function Light-emitting/receiving part error, calibration error

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